Introduction to the project: General Objectives

We approach food as something that is much more than just “stuff to eat.” It is a realm of experience and activity that is shaped by history and the physical environment, but also carries individual memories, interests, and personalities. It is interwoven into all aspects of our lives, and our choices about food affect not only ourselves, but also other people and the earth.

Cooking is a primal human activity. one of the joys of this is exposure to many different cultures, and one of the easiest ways to access this diversity is through food. Simply put, cooking and sharing food is one of the most direct and immediate ways to share culture, heritage, and identity
cultural diversity.

Our goal is to promote and represent a deeper understanding of the many ways in which food connects us all and to use that understanding to nourish our connections to and through food in order to create a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable world.

1. To promote culinary arts, nutrition, food education, and the global movement of sustainable development.
2. To cooperate with stakeholders, innovators, communities and professionals coming from a private, public, as well as the third sector.
3. To develop projects and educational activities and tools with a focus on food and nutrition.

The programme illustrates the huge challenges and issues of food in the world and serves as a tool to drive prevention and educational activities for different age groups working and coming from a public-private sector. It's designed to be a bridge between a food science, education and cooking - an area that we feel hasn't received enough attention. We are working to create a network of chefs, teachers, nutritionists and food-related professionals to develop a food education platform that supports the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. The highest goals is to become an educational organization, form an advocacy group and a knowledge network.

Strategic Partners
NNEDPro - The Global Center for Nutrition and Public Health / WHO Partner on Development of the Agenda 2025
Good Festival Lausanne - The largest network of social innovators and public-private collaborations in Switzerland (May 2020)
Swiss Society for Nutrition - National coordinating body and commision for nutrition and public health (January 2020)

Collaborative Platforms: Initial Stage of Development and Implementation
1. NNEDPro Global Networks (more information to be published between January-February 2020)
2. Good Festival Platforms and Annual Editions (agenda to be published on February 2020)
3. Partner Networks (individual partnerships to be introduced throughout January-March 2020)
4. Individual Collaborations and Partnerships
4. Collective Development of Projects and Creating a Dialogue on Current and Global Issues/Solutions

Executive Management and Active Key Collaborators of the Network
1. Swiss Food Association Switzerland (Key Collaborator and Network Representative)
2. Global Center of Nutrition and Public Health - Cambridge, UK (Strategic Partner, Executive Supervision)
3. Other confirmed members will be gradually added to the list between January-February 2020
4. International Council of Advisors (January 2020)

Professional Affiliations and Strategic Memberships
1. Hotel and Gastro Union, Lucerne, Switzerland
2. Swiss Society for Nutrition, Bern/Lausanne, Switzerland
3. International Council of Tourism Partners
4. The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern, Switzerland

Goals and Vision
1. Improve a Public-Private-Third Sector Collaboration Model (establishing a new organization in Switzerland)
2. Support the Sustainable Goals Agenda 2030
3. Promote Chefs as Ambassadors for Change by working with science, professionals, companies, schools and communities
4. Help to retrain professionals and raise new leaders
5. Achieving goals by developing a low-investment, accessible and easy-to-implement/deliver and low-in education model for all

Action Plan, Engagements and Collaboration Model in 2020
1. Network Launch in 2020
2. Presentation of Agenda (Strategic Partners, Members, Collaborators, Partners)
3. Development of Networking Opportunities / Participance in Selected Events/Events of the Partners
4. Delivery of First Collective-Based Activities, Teaching Sessions or Projects through Collaborative Platforms


Topics of Interest and Initiative Solutions
1. Cooperation Model Between Chefs, Science and Communities
2. Building Public-Private Bridges for a Positive Change and Relation to Impact Investments
3. Implementation of Food Education on Different Levels

4. Culinary Nutrition/Medicine as a New Lever of Sustainability
5. Food Waste


Educational Approach 2020-2030: Creating an Academy for Food Education

1. Programs and Professional Assistance to Social Innovators
Global Cooperation Manual/Roxbourg Program/Knowledge Center I./Sustainable Development Week I.

2. Global Education Mission and Increasing an Awareness in Communities
Campaigns/Learning Platform Stage I./Integration in Schools/Sustainable Development Week II./Knowledge Center II.

3. Integration of Sustainable Education to Schools at all Levels
Learning Platform Stage II./Knowledge Center III./Sustainable Development Week III.

4. Education for Professionals and Specialized Retraining Modules
Manifesto for Chefs, Professionals and Communities/Learning Platform Stage IV./Knowledge Center IV.

5. Development/Co-Development of Sustainable Projects for Food Sector with a Focus on Education
Digital Apps/Tools /Culinary Nutrition Project

Organizational Structure
1. Development and Co-Development of Educational Programs, Courses and Activities
2. Delivery of Education through the Interfaculty Flexible Model of Implementation (including Mobile Teaching Kitchen)
3. Establishment of Campuses, Schools and Culinary Hubs


Types of Planned Activities

1.) Co-organization of activities, meetings, network sessions on the sidelines (next summit is planned on 28th of May, 2020)

2.) Co-integration of educational programs, workshops, keynote sessions or lectures

3.) Deliver programs by implementing a Mobile Teaching Concept in Switzerland

4.) Collectively work to develop a learning platform (or update the existing platform by adding a new content)

5.) Supporting or joining other projects

6.) Developing a Training Centre for innovators, re-train professionals, get involved in start-up seesions like think tanks, etc.
7.) Research
8.) Joining the global dialogue towards a food education, advocacy sessions and policy consultings
9.) Plan, activate and evaluate campaigns
10.) Activities designed for communities

Preliminary Agenda 2020
NNEDPro Network Network Launch / Collective Approval of Agenda

Global Networks
Launch of the First Culinary Medicine Centre in Cooperation with Westminster College in London: Partner Event
Introductory Marketing Plan and Communication
Good Festival Summit 2020: Planning Sessions / Preliminary Event Outline
Good France 2020: Menu/Event Proposal
Partnerships 2020-2022: Development Sessions/Contacting/Meetings

Good Festival Summit 2020: Planning Sessions / Final Proposal
Good France 2020: Sustainable Menu

Good Festival Summit 2020: Additional Adjustments to the Event Program
Manifesto for Chefs, Professionals and Communities: 1st Edition

Good Summit 2020, Beau Rivage Hotel, Lausanne / Roxbourg – Mastermind Session

Recipe Platform of Tomorrow: New Approach of a Food Education
Hotel and Gastro Union Switzerland: Conference on Culinary Nutrition

Geneva Street Food Festival

July - August
NNEDPro Summer Events / School / Summit
Roxbourg Institute: Summer Sessions

Swiss Society for Nutrition: National Symposium

Good Congress 2020: 9th Edition
General Assembly

Swiss Association for Cooperation on Nutrition Education