What is the Swiss Culinary Nutrition Hub ?

A non-profit organization and a research initiative headquartered in Lucerne and operated from Geneva, representing the unique professional interests of food and hospitality professionals in Switzerland and worldwide. The association is dedicated to promoting and developing effective food education and create diverse projects through research, policy, practice and has a vision of healthy communities and food systems. With this project, we would like to create an opportunity for everyone to expand his network and showcase their talent unique skills, services or products.

Culinary arts, nutrition and education through sustainable programs are the main missions of our project. We do not promote any brands, people or political parties, but we do create a work model serving as a collaborative platform – a bridge between supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and food-related entrepreneurs, artists, organizations, communities and existing projects.

Our non-profit initiative consists of the General Assembly (comprising all members) and the Commitee (comprising founders who create the Board of the Association). Furthermore, all members and our network of project advisors also act as the Supreme Decision-Making Body of the association - having a right to vote for the operations of this not-to-profit organization, as well as, they take important decisions during the stages of the project development.    


Healthy communities, food systems, food education, culinary nutrition, representation of the food professionals, associations, foundations,  institutes and schools, assisting the partners and collaborators with getting their project integrated in Switzerland and abroad. We mainly specialize in projects, which meet the following criteria:

1.) Supporting at least one or more UN-Sustainable Development Goals 
2.) Contain Innovation Solutions
3.) Focus on Food Education and Sustainability
4.) Cost-effective with no large initial investment
5.) Option to raise funds

Mission and Cooperation Model

To promote and fill a gap between cooking, nutrition, food and beverage management and an effective food education through research, policy and practice.

There are three models of cooperation, and we usually start with the first one described, gradually transforming to the second one, and sometimes even to the third one. After having reviewed your project or collaboration inquiry with our team, we proceed to the next stages of the model analyzing possible ways of cooperation, project implementation or a development of marketing and PR plan. 

Our Main Goals and Values



Building networks, sharing and transforming ideas into a project structure


Grow and maintain a dynamic Society, serving nutrition educators around the world.

Build collaborations with organizations, industries to promote healthy communities, food systems and behaviors. 



Promote research related to effective nutrition education and behavior change at the individual, community and policy levels.


Guiding Principles and Values of the Association:

• Responsibility
• Assisting and helping other NGOs and entities to get integrated and promote their innovative projects on sustainability through our partner network
• Open and respectful communication
• Promotion of the cantonal entitites and institutes for nutrition, research and innovation
• Respect for diversity of opinions and perspectives
• Trust building
• Valuing contributions of volunteers and supporters
• Well-informed decision making