Project Development and Imlementation Partners

Thanks to our our board of professional advisors, long-term supporters and the project committee,we have been able to make a difference and get positive results influencing a development of the food education for the new generations.

Not only they do create the most important part of taking the action steps, but they also act as the main decision-making body of the association. There are more than 1,000 of food professionals, members and collaborators who are involved in our existing and affiliated projects and services.  Our team currently consists of around 30 working professionals who cooperate with us on the Project DeveLopment or act as members of the Advisory Committee.

We are using a unique collaborating platform which has been developed by the Good Festival to help innovators from all over the world to get discovered, promote their start-ups and find potential partners and fundraisers. The Food Project of Switzerland has been a proud partner since 2017.

The Association Board has developed three action models that apply to a development of all projects:

1. Representation, Promotion and Communication Strategy
2. Development of Projects / Implementation of an Advisory Cooperation Model for Partner Projects
3. Professional Assistance Program for Innovators, New and Existing Project Developers


1. Development of a Project Proposal
2. Project Review / Meeting Additional Criteria / Add-On Information
2. Selection Process / Eligibility to get supported by the cantonal government and strategical partners and present the project
3. Definition of Collaboration - Involvement of the Advisory Committee into your project or a bilateral cooperation on a project development.
4. Presentation of Selected Projects at the Event of Innovators through the Collaborative Platform
5. Final Project Proposal
6. Development of Project Plan (Definition of goals, short-term, long-term action steps, crowdfunding assistance, joining the professional network)
7. Project Activation towards supporting the wished sustainable goals
8. Long-term Cooperation Opportunities and Promotion Support

There are basically five types (models) of cooperation with us you might be interested in:
1. You can present your project or an idea through our global platform, apply and get invited and supported at one of the the Event Series of Innovators.
2. You can co-organize your own event (presentation, exhibition, performance, workshop, etc.) at one of the proposed events.
3. You can cooperate with us based on a Project Development (transforming bilateral or your own ideas and goals into a project).
4. You can select an Implementation Model by which we become part of your project, assisted and supervised by out Advisory Committee.
5. You can simply get in touch with us to scope for any potential to collaborate, information exchange/share or how to support each other on the
    upcoming actvities, projects or events.


Project Administration
Delivery of Educational Programs
Sustainable Farming and Urban Gardening
Water and Environment Protection
Nutrition Council and Consulting Services
Marketing Communication
Promotion of Food, Travel and Tourism
Public Relations
Distribution of Information
Cooperation with Embassies and Organisations

Development of IT Projects on Food Sustainability - Bern
Food Waste Solutions - Bern
External Cooperation with Bern based Embassies
Collaboration with the Swiss Society for Nutrition - Bern
Suisse Hotellerie und und Gastronomie - Lucerne
Sustainable Food Producers - Zurich
Catering Division Directory - Lucerne
Corporate Hospitality Services - Lucerne
Regional Ambassadors in Zurich / Lucerne / Bern Area


Global Collaborating Platform
Project Presentations and Coordination
Interdisciplinary Approach
Directory of Sustainable Food Department
Research and Innovation
Fundraising Opportunities and Assistance
Project Coordination
Regional Ambassadors
Link to UN - Organisations and Agencies

                                 GOOD FESTIVAL

Board of Advisors/Experts
Representatives of Projects Based Abroad
International Committee
Affilliated Partners
Expand Opportunities
Ambassador Programme
Assistance on Promotion and Cooperation

Culinary Arts
Activities on Food and Values of Hospitality
Artistical Performances
Projects on Cultural Heritage