Good nutrition is at the foundation of good health. We see healthcare and public health practitioners as key knowledge brokers that can promote nutrition to achieve better public health. To do this, NNEdPro convenes regional networks across six continents.

The Swiss NNEdPro Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and healthcare educators, researchers students and professional associations in Switzerland.

To achieve rapid sustainable reduction of all forms of malnutrition, for years NNEdPro has been enabling communities and empowering populations to create and implement nutrition sensitive health programmes and plans. Through its regional networks, NNEdPro seeks to empower both practitioners and the public through necessary tools, as well as develop programme areas to promulgate high quality and scalable nutrition knowledge translation achieving sustained impact in global health systems. NNEdPro does so in line with the United Nations Decade of Actions on Nutrition 2016-2025 (Nutrition Decade).

It is a Switzerland based network for communities to achieve global impact in food sustainability. It serves as an innovation hub for transformation of ideas, research, collective development and implementation of sustainable projects.

The association is an independent continuity of an initiative to envision hospitality professionals, primarily chefs, as potential ambassadors for change. Nowadays, occupations such as chefs and food and beverage managers are more business oriented. However, current global development and demands only prove that these professionals need to be retrained in order to increase their potential to contribute towards sustainable development goals. Gaining additional knowledge from subjects like culinary nutrition, food psychology and education diplomacy is a priority. Further interdisciplinary networks aligned with project plans and new ideas will be integrated in the Swiss Network to secure a successful development pathway to achieve the regional and global outcomes as well as bridge the existing gaps. There is a strong presence of social enterprises and joint collaborations concentrating on the current development of hospitality, but almost none of them highlight the potential and importance of nutrition education to be implemented within a hospitality workforce and communities (relatively a new concept/area that might contribute to other regional networks).


In support of this endeavour, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through its Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Programme, fosters climate change awareness in primary education, through lifelong learning and across curricula development. This initial structure deserves further development of cooperation pathways in Switzerland and globally to create a knowledge platform for chefs and food specialists working on sustainable projects to get their work and vision supported by researchers and global nutrition organisations. In order to create more interactions among the main actors and stakeholders


Competent Leaders on Behalf of the Global Centre for Nutrition and Public Health:

Executive Board  - click here to learn more about the leaders
NNEDPro Swiss Regional Network - click here to navigate directly to the Executive Panel and Steering Committee


Competent Leaders on Behalf of the Swiss Association for Cooperation on Food Education:

The President / Project Director: Bc. Jaroslav Guzanic  I E-mail:  I  Phone: +41 78 727 35 52
Secretary/Treasurer/Coordinator: Ms. Simona Sprochova I E-mail: I Phone: +41 79 418 49 87

Key Collaborators  Based in Switzerland:
Swiss Food Academy, Geneva/Lausanne
Good Festival, Lausanne
Foraus, Zurich/Nationwide
FoodHack, Lausanne
International Geneva, Geneva/Nationwide
VersusVirus Hackathon, Zurich/Nationwide
Chefs en Cuisine, Biel

International Advisory Panel:
Mrs. Jaroslava Kreskociova, Food Education Specialist/Psychologist,  Slovakia/Switzerland
Mrs. Terri Salminen, Hospitality Educator/Food Education Specialist,  The Netherlands
Ms. Leonie Horne, Certified Nutritionist/Collaboration with International Organisations, The Netherlands
Mr. Thomas Stahlmann, Executive Chef/Project Director, Germany
Mrs. Mary Balaban, Teacher/Food Education Specialist, Romania
Mr. Alex Hodginston, Specialist on Home Cooking/Educator/Initiative, United Kingdom
Mrs. Lara Butteriss, Teacher/Food Education Specialist, Italy/United Kingdom

Key Collaborators in Switzerland: 60 leaders, experts and initiatives
Global Network of Nutrition and Public Health Experts: 310 key experts
Key Collaborators Abroad: 150 leaders, chefs and food education initiatives
Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs and Workforce Switzerland: 1,200 members
Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Campaign International: 1,300 members
Swiss-based organizations and hubs: +45
National VersusVirus Hackathon of Switzerland: +500 active members, leaders, mentors and project developers