Regional Key Aims and Main Objectives:
REGIONAL KEY AIMS 1. Strengthen the Swiss Nutrition workforce through education and training opportunities. 2. Enable positive interactions between the Nutrition workforce and other health professionals. 3. Pilot the NNEdPro Mobile teaching Kitchen Project in slums or underserved areas. 4. Organise an Annual Regional Meeting to share and showcase examples of good practice. 5. Develop Nutrition Training to complement existing skills to the wider hospitality workforce. gLOBAL culinary hub

Focus Areas:
Priority Areas and Topics 1.Childhood Obesity and Prevention 2.Out-Of-Home Catering 3.Culinary Science/Skills 4.Plant-Based Food Transformation 5.Food Recipes and Cultural Factors 6.Data Expansion 7.Food Labelling 8.Vulnerable Communities 9.Nutrition with the Central European Regio

Target Groups: Who our Key Stakeholders are
Chefs, Hospitality Professionals and Facilities, Healthcare Experts, Diplomats, Students, Educators, Agriculturists and Organizations

Examples of activities, projects and initiatives we currently work on:
Examples of activities that we currently do or have already done, so far: - Translation of key resources on COVID-19 (conducted in 2020) - Attendance of various internal and external events since 2020 - Active participance in key Regional Steering Meetings, Co-Leads Meetings and Global Innovation Panel sessions (since 2020) - Launch of Cookbook for the Mobile Teaching Kitchen (implemented in 2021) - Organized a Regional (Individual) UNFSS 2021 Dialogue Session on Global Food Systems (held in 2021) - Assisted in Global Survey on Food Security and Nutrition Insecurity (conducted in 2021) - Assisted in launch of the iKANN 25 – International Knowledge Application Network (implemented in 2021) - Delivered an Online Seminar for MBA students of the Roxbourg Institute Lausanne (delivered in 2021) - Assists in promotion and delivery of the NNEDPro Summer Events (Summer Cambridge School / International Summit) - Canada Teaching Kitchen: Video Recipe and Cardiovascular Health (to be launched in 2022)

Discover the potential ways and opportunities to collaborate with us:
 MEMBERSHIP WITH THE NNEDPro SWISS REGIONAL NETWORK COMMON BENEFITS Research Opportunities and Publishing Support Fellowship Programmes and Teaching Awards Think-Tank Collaborations Knowledge Exchange Networking Opportunities Continuing Internal/External Benefits for IANE Academy, iKANN Platform and Other Initiatives EVENTS NNEDPro Key Summer Events (Summer Cambridge School / Annual International Summit) Research Discussion Groups Workshops Meetings Webinars and Seminars PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Coaching, Consulting Services Co-Development of Projects and Nutrition-Related Activities Co-Organization/Hosting of Events, Conferences and Summits Interdisciplinary Project Support www.nnedpro.co.uk www.nnedpro.co.uk/switzerland For general inquiries and specific questions please contact us at info@foodplatform2030.or


1.    To become a regionally/globally recognised apex body for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.
2.   To continue to lead international networks aligning them to relevant regional and international organisations.

3.   To continue to deliver a wide ranghe of gold-standard nutrition programmes on a regional/global level
4.   To advance priority nutrition research throuigh associated collaboration and publication platforms
5.   To function as a cantonal, nationwide and Central European nutrition think-tank
6.   To facilitate the funding and commissioning of nutrition projects in priority areas.
7.    To increase focus on sustainability, climate change and to empower individuals and vulnerable communities.
8.   To drive the implementation of knowledge exchange into policy. 
9.   To implement a culinary strategy to all international networks.
10.  To create and innovat the global landscape of evidence-based teaching kitchen models and engage communities and vulnerable groups